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PCM for Swap/Conversion:
Fuel Type
Do you Tow
Thermostat: /165*f/other
Efan Conversion
Power Adder Type
Battery Condition

I hereby authorize KC Maxx performance and its employees to operate the vehicle described above. I confirm that the vehicle to be serviced or programed is in proper working order for the work to be done. It is my responsibility to disclose any information that may cause issues, such as leaks, fluid loss, electrical issues, noises, ect.

I understand by signing this operational waver that I am responsible for any damages caused by my vehicle due to mechanical fault.
I understand by signing this operational waver that I am responsible for clean up of any messes due to leaks and a fee of up to $50

I voluntarily release and forever discharge KC Maxx Performance and all of its employees, partners, directors, and officers from any and all claims, demands, action, or right of personal injury, death, or property damage resulting from, or as a result of services rendered. This release also includes, but is not limited to: any claim against KC Maxx Performance for first aid, medical treatment, property damage, or services rendered during participation in the testing of the vehicle.

Notice: By signing, I agree to: IF the vehicle is not picked up sooner than 3 days after work has been completed, a storage fee will be charged of $65 per day. In addition, any parts or items left for more than 7 days after work completion will be forfeited to KC Maxx Performance. I also consent to the work being performed on the vehicle based on the estimate provided.

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