Cam Swaps

KC Maxx Performance has a very large selection of popular brand cams as well as custom grinds, available to suite your performance expectations. The Brian Tooley Stage 3 seen Below is a popular sale.

Complete Cam Swap Packages starting from $3200 (some cars require more labor with additional charges) Includes:
Custom grind cam (Ryans choice as per your implied needs)
16 New Lifters
Hardened Pushrods
4 New lifter trays (GM application)
MLS Head gaskets
2 New Valve Cover gaskets
2 New Exhaust gaskets
New factory Head Bolts (ARP Head Studs are recommended on higher hp applications with additional charges)
Front timing chain gasket set
Camshaft Timing Gear
Oil Change with Wix Filter
Dyno Tuning Session