Ford V8 or V6 only

Most 05 & newer NA- $550

single power adder- $650.00

Ford 4 Cyl factory boosted- No Tuning

**We will no longer be using SCT for HP tuner supported vehicles.


Most 98 to 2017 GM LS Gen lll & Gen IV stock cam &throttle body- $350.00

NA Unlimited mods- $450.00

Single Power adder Unlimited mods- $550.00

**2017+ GM Tuning add $200.00 for licensing fee.

**2017 Gm vehicles require TCM unlock.

Power Adder's-$100.00 additional (Each)

Twin Turbo is one power adder.

Blower is one power adder.

Nitrous is one power adder.

Dodge/ Jeep/ Chrysler

Most 06 & Newer Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep

V8/V6 Tuning NA- $550.00

w/ Power Adder-$650.00

add $100 for Tran tuning

2015 & Newer will require the pcm to be sent in for unlock.

Tuning Restrictions.

we will not tune factory PCM's with No cats,aftermarket throttle bodies,aftermarket cams unless they are the revised grinds for driveability.


Stock NA- $350.00

Aftermarket Mods-$450.00

W/Power adder- $550.00