Ford V8 or V6 only

Most 05 & newer NA- $650

single power adder- $750.00

Ford 4 Cyl factory boosted- No Tuning

**We will no longer be using SCT for HP tuner supported vehicles.


Most 98 to 2017 GM LS Gen lll & Gen IV stock cam &throttle body- $400.00

NA Unlimited mods- $500.00

Single Power adder Unlimited mods- $600.00

**2014+ GM DI Gen V V8s require $100 extra for licensing fee.

**2017+ GM Tuning add an additional $100.00 for licensing fee.

**2017 Gm vehicles require TCM unlock.

Power Adder's-$100.00 additional (Each)

Twin Turbo is one power adder.

Blower is one power adder.

Nitrous is one power adder.

Dodge/ Jeep/ Chrysler

We are sorry, but we are not tuning Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep at this time.


We are sorry, but we are not tuning Honda at this time.