Roll Cage Fabrication

Roll Cages are the biggest safety device we use in racing. In the event of a wreck, without a roll cage, the driver could be very seriously hurt. Roll cages also make the chassis much stiffer, allowing for much better traction. How big of a cage you need is dependent on how fast you are wanting to go. A simple 6pt cage vs going a full 8.50 cage, even to a 25.x tube chassis all depends on your MPH and trap speed you plan on running.
All of our cages are chromoly based steel, unless otherwise specified. Moly is much lighter, stronger, and safer for the driver.
Pricing starts at $350.00 per point (6pt would be 2100, 10pt would be 3500) in most cases. If more fabrication is required, IE backseat, pulling the dash, pulling the windshield, modifying the interior, etc, price can differ. Please come down and see Eric or Ryan to get a quote on a cage, and schedule time to get you taken care of. Deposit required. You can purchase the deposit below, and one of our staff will contact you to get more details and schedule time.


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